Five points


North Vancouver, BC


Residential, mixed use

Project Overview

A mixed-use development providing 45 boutique homes and commercial spaces at Ground level. The proposed building engages both the 14th Street and the lane with a central connecting spine flanked by residential units. The massing strategy is to have an articulated but continuous street facade on 14th Street with a robust commercial base supporting a modern, floating two-storey building element that acts as a distinct volumetric component on the front façade. The top floor is set back and the extending roof overhangs create a visual termination for the building. The ground floor is also set back to extend the public realm at grade and the variety of materials and articulated coloured glass used help create a vibrant and pedestrian friendly street.

computer rendering of north vancouver complex from across the street
interior design of kitchen in residential building
interior design of bathroom in residential complex
interior design of lobby of north vancouver residential build
corner view of five point residential architecture in north vancouver
roof deck of five point residential vancouver architecture
walkway on roof deck of five point residential architecture project in vancouver bc
roof deck wooden walkway of five point residential vancouver architecture project